Gender Pro

For the advancement of gender equality and empowerment of women and girls around the world.

The GenderPro Capacity Building & Credentialing Program, hosted at the George Washington University in partnership with UNICEF, is professionalizing the gender and development field and equipping development and humanitarian professionals with the skills they need to meaningfully address gender in their work.



GenderPro is a rigorous, competency-based educational & credentialing programme for mid to senior level development and humanitarian professionals. 


GenderPro was created to prepare gender professionals to perform their work more effectively, using internationally recognized best practices & approaches.


A combination of online learning and action learning projects facilitated by expert mentors; a competency-based credentialing assessment that can be taken with or without taking the course; an open-source resource library; and a training centre for organisational partners. 


" One of the things that I learned from the GenderPro course is that there are different levels of working on gender – gender blind, neutral, sensitive, responsive and transformative. I believe that we are mostly working on gender sensitive programs and that my colleagues are gender sensitive but I think that we have to go beyond. We have to start transforming. We have to start working together. We have to start using the same language. We have to start involving men and women in order to achieve change and equality."

Matthias Sachse
Health and Nutrition Officer, UNICEF Mexico


Want to learn more about GenderPro from Former students? 

Recently, GWI held a webinar to celebrate the launch of the GenderPro Credential Exam. The webinar was an opprtunity to learn more about the GenderPro Initiative and hear from past course participants, instructors and GenderPro Alliance members about the importance of building professional capacity around gender in international development.

Watch the Webinar 

GenderPro webinar flyer with the GenderPro logo in blue, speaker headshots and a picture of women looking over a document together



The GenderPro Initiative, led by the Global Women’s Institute, was developed in collaboration with the following schools at the George Washington University: the Elliott School of International Affairs, the College of Professional Studies, and the School of Media and Public Affairs.