GenderPro Training Centre 


The GenderPro Training Centre offers organisations the opportunity to customize GenderPro Capacity Building Programme learning material to best suit the needs of their staff. Through the Training Centre, organisations may submit a proposal to customize GenderPro content to develop a training tailored to the needs of their staff. The Training Centre is a useful option for organisations that may wish to tailor training to just a select group of GenderPro topic areas, a specific sector, or a specific region. Customized training packages may include:


  • In-person training with organisation staff
  • A training-of-trainers with select organisation staff, who can then strengthen the capacity of their colleagues
  • Adaptation of online learning modules
  • A mix of in-person training and online learning


Agreements through the GenderPro Training Centre are made through Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the Global Women’s Institute, and fees for customized training packages are variable based on organisational request.


If your organisation is interested in exploring a customized GenderPro training package, please click the button below to fill out the form and we will be in touch.

*Please note that work on your request for a customized training package will likely begin in 2022, given the current capacity of GenderPro Training Centre staff. 


Click here to fill out the form for a customized GenderPro training package.


Your organisation may also be interested in sending colleagues to take the full online GenderPro Capacity Building Programme. Learn more about that course here.