Team of individuals sitting around computers and desks listening enthusiastically to someone speaking. Copyright: UNICEF/UN0220642/KELLER

GenderPro Credential 


The GenderPro Credential is the first globally recognized professional credential in the gender and development field. Hosted at the George Washington University, the GenderPro Credentialing System seeks to build a global network of gender and development professionals that exchanges idea around best practices, for the advancement of gender equality and empowerment of women and girls around the world. Ultimately, this credentialed network of highly-skilled professionals will contribute to wider visibility, respect, and professionalization of the gender and development field. 

How does it work?

Skills and competencies necessary to be certified will be developed and finalized by a global, technical advisory group, comprised of gender and development experts (including members of multi or bilateral organizations, NGOs, private sector companies, and other gender & development actors).

Professionals may apply for the credential and do not have to complete the GenderPro Capacity Building Program to be assessed. However, participants who successfully complete the GenderPro Capacity Building Program should have developed the necessary skills to successfully apply for and obtain the GenderPro Credential (though Capacity Building Program graduates must apply for the credential; it will not be automatically awarded). Assessment methods used may include an oral exam, a written exam, presentations of professional work or reports, and/or other methods.

Who awards the credential?

Candidates will be assessed by the GenderPro Credentialing Board also known as the GenderPro Alliance. This Board will include subject matter experts from the George Washington University and around the world and will be convened in close consultation with UNICEF. The GenderPro Credentialing Board will consistently maintain the standards of the credentialing system, evaluate candidates based on their demonstrated skill set, and approve candidates to be credentialed.

Who can apply, and how?

Gender and development professionals seeking to demonstrate their mastery can apply for a GenderPro Credential. Application details will be available online here in 2020.